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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Free Internet Poker Keeps Me Out of The Casino

Does playing Zynga poker 3 hours per day save me money?

Yes, it does.

It's free, and it's just as fun as playing with real money at the casino.  When I win or lose big with Zynga poker, the thrills and disappointments are just as intense as the real thing, no doubt.

I have very easy access to a very nice casino where I live.  It's a short 20 minute drive, all highway.  Very tempting.  Open 24/7, 365 days a year, of course!

I haven't lost money at any casino since 2010 (I only play Texas Holdem poker) but I know I  have the potential to lose big. I have a bad habit with overconfidence in poker, a habit I'm working hard to train out of myself  with help from my good friend Zynga.

I'm getting pretty good, but I can't call myself an expert.  I've seen guys and gals walk into the casino with a few hundred dollars, play the 1/2 no limit tables all night, and leave with many thousands.  When I can do that, then maybe I can call myself a pro.

And so, on this lazy and chilly Saturday afternoon, I present my:

 Top 12 List of Signs That You're A Zynga Poker Addict

12) You believe that buying Zynga GOLD is a wise investment that may end up paying for your kid's education.

11) You believe that donating $100,000 chips to a broke buddy is such a noble gesture that you should be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize

10) You're so proud of reaching Champion Level status that you spent $100 to have t-shirts printed.

9) You can't decide whether to change the baby's diaper, or wait a few more hands for pocket rockets (you're due, after all.)

8) You test the intelligence of all potential mates with this question, "Do you think going for an inside straight is a good idea?"

7) Before teaching your toddler the alphabet, you set them up on Zynga poker with $10,000 chips and have them play the 1/2 tables 3 hours per day.

6) You believe that people who create poker bots should be sent to prison for 10 years

5) You recently changed your middle name to "Vegas Nights"

4) You often wait 5 to 6 hours on the Weekly Tournament table for someone to show up and play.

3) On your resume, under achievements, you have listed "Earned the 'Catastrophe Win' Award in Zynga Poker"

2) You can't fall asleep at night unless you've won at least one Sit N Go Tournament

and the number 1 sign...

1) When you get the "You missed it" message when trying to claim free poker chips, you sink into a severe depression for 3-4 days.

Zynga stock is not doing well.  I support the company by buying lots of GOLD as often as I can (I play on G+, since I deleted my Facebook account more than a year ago.).  Hope all you Zynga fans out there do the same.  Would hate to see it go away.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why Are Casinos Allowed to Advertise on TV?

I was watching TV last night, and I saw a commercial that I found disturbing. It was a commercial for a casino, and the tag line was, "It's an escape that stays with you!"

Great! It stays with you! Yes, that's fantastic news, especially for those who are addicted to gambling.

Why are these commercials allowed on TV? TV ads for casinos should be banned, just as TV ads for cigarettes are not permitted. The casinos will make a lot of money no matter what, just as the cigarette companies continue to thrive despite law suits, public outcry and limited advertising venues.

Casinos are run by nasty people. Why no clocks in casinos? So that gamblers have no idea how much time they've spent inside. That's also why casinos almost always have no windows, so that patrons can't see the sun come up.

I've never had a problem with gambling, but I watched a college friend throw his life away with gambling and drug addiction. Ugly stuff.

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