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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why Are Casinos Allowed to Advertise on TV?

I was watching TV last night, and I saw a commercial that I found disturbing. It was a commercial for a casino, and the tag line was, "It's an escape that stays with you!"

Great! It stays with you! Yes, that's fantastic news, especially for those who are addicted to gambling.

Why are these commercials allowed on TV? TV ads for casinos should be banned, just as TV ads for cigarettes are not permitted. The casinos will make a lot of money no matter what, just as the cigarette companies continue to thrive despite law suits, public outcry and limited advertising venues.

Casinos are run by nasty people. Why no clocks in casinos? So that gamblers have no idea how much time they've spent inside. That's also why casinos almost always have no windows, so that patrons can't see the sun come up.

I've never had a problem with gambling, but I watched a college friend throw his life away with gambling and drug addiction. Ugly stuff.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Errhh... that is ugly. How can Casino be different from Cigarates and Liquors. In my country both cannot advertise on TV (and also gambling related stuff). Hmm... I think fist the agency who passed the ad must be questioned first.

Sunday, October 28, 2007 9:22:00 PM  
Blogger Steve Brown said...

Casino's in the USA are setup to get as much money from those too weak to resist the temptation of gambling. They'll take money from anybody, and when u run out of cash, they'll give you a free drink, and maybe a free hotel room for the night (if u lost a lot), but your life savings -- and maybe more -- will be gone.

They pump you up with free booze to keep your mind soft. They have no clocks on the walls so that you lose track of time. They have no windows so that you can't see the morning sunlight, a light that might convince you to stop gambling. UGLY.

Sunday, October 28, 2007 11:47:00 PM  

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