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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Used TaxAct for My Taxes This Year

The American tax code stinks, and everyone knows it, yet politics and money prevent reform.

So we are forced to waste a lot of time wrestling with filing every year, and I hate it.  I really do.

The prohibitive cost of using a certain popular online tax preparation service prompted me to try something new this year.  I tried TaxAct (www.TaxAct.com +TaxAct ) and I am very pleased to report that I can recommend it.

The site made everything easy for me, though I will confess that my tax situation is relatively simple this time around.  I was able to process both my federal and state returns for free, and I was able to e-file my federal with the IRS for free to boot.  Very cool.

For those who have to mess with all kinds of deductions, credits, allowances, etc. the pricing for premium preparation packages is not that bad with TaxAct.  Much cheaper than many competitors.

If you use TaxAct online, the pricing looks like this:

TaxAct Online
TaxAct Online

If you choose to download the TaxAct software instead, it will cost you more:

TaxAct Download
TaxAct Download

My lady has an old friend who's an accountant and he does her taxes for free; nice to have friends like that.

For those of you struggling with a stressful tax situation, and you're doing your taxes by yourself: my heart aches for you!

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