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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Home Insurance Video Clip Is Short, but Informative

The folks @ Allstate Insurance released a new video clip that features some good advice related to home insurance. A short clip, but every little bit of information counts.

The clip can be found here:


And here's a snippet from the corresponding press release:

"Owning a home is a major milestone -- and making sure such a huge investment is protected is necessary for peace of mind. Home insurance can prepare you for recovery from the unexpected.

See video at: http://media.medialink.com/WebNR.aspx?story=31903

Insurance protection can help you rebuild your home in case the worst happens -- like a fire or other natural disaster. Homeowners insurance covers many of your personal possessions -- like your television, stereo or DVDs -- if they are stolen or destroyed. Other items -- like collectibles, jewelry or computer equipment -- may need extra coverage.

You also don't have to worry in case you have company over. If a guest is injured in your home, insurance can protect you if you are sued -- allowing you to enjoy your home without the worries that usually come with it."

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