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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Home Insurance Website with A Mission To Educate

A new home insurance website has debuted @ Home-Insurance-Owner-Quote.com, a site that aims to help homeowners get a real understanding about how home insurance works. The site is filled with lots of useful and hard-to-find tips and information, like a list of the endorsements or riders that you can add to a standard policy's wording.

Further details can be found below in the snippet from today's press release:

"Arranging and understanding Homeowner Insurance can be time consuming and confusing if like most of us you find the subject of Home owner insurance to be complicated, why not visit http://www.home-insurance-owner-quote.com? Their site will provide you with information about the various type of Homeowner policy available in the United States and then provide you with a Free quotation from multiple insurance carriers.

Probably the most difficult part of arranging this type of insurance contract is the ability to work out what comes as standard and what is an addition and will cost you extra. It’s fairly involved especially if you are arranging your cover for the first time. Speaking to an agent can help but sometimes you really just want to locate the information yourself online when it’s convenient for you.

The site starts by explaining the 6 usual sections of a Homeowners policy, the levels of protection available and the various types of policy form H01 H02 etc.

If you are unsure what you can add to your standard policy wording, the site provides a list of typical 'Endorsements' or 'Floaters' that you can add on to your policy. This is quite useful as the additions to a standard policy are quite extensive.

Of course when it comes actually buying insurance, what you purchase depends very much on what you can afford, but it is well worth analyzing your exposure to a loss. Is the chance of a flood higher where you live, what about earthquakes? Do you run a business from home and need additional liability cover. These are all items that are not usually covered by the standard home policy, you may possibly be able to purchase them as optional extras.

As well as information, Home-insurance-owner-quote.com provides a link to a quote engine that will enable you to obtain quotations from multiple insurance carriers online without any pressure from a salesman, it’s quick and secure and could help you to save money as well. The service is Free of charge and that’s always a plus point.

Additional pages provide guidance on Home security, what you can actually do to help prevent a loss and some worthwhile tips on how to obtain a cheaper premiums. It all seems like common sense but it is always worthwhile to be reminded of these tips."

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