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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Freezer Full of Meat: Nutritional Hedging Gone Awry

A Freezer Full of MeatSo, two years ago, when I was still making a good living, I decided to stock up on some steaks. I own a spacious deep freezer and I had plenty of room in it. The cuts I like (Porterhouse, Ribeye, Shoulder Steak, etc.) would go on sale every fortnight at my local supermarket, and when I'd find a sale of cuts I like, I'd buy up all they had. On some days, they'd have so much supply that I'd end up with a shopping cart stacked high with meat. Yeah, I got a lot of funny looks.

I thought I was pretty darn smart. It was nutritional hedging. I was buying quality meat at a very low price now, so that I could enjoy it a year or more later when the cost, at any given moment, would almost certainly be higher.

My plan, however, backfired on me. These days, I rarely eat red meat. I slowly and inexplicably lost my craving for it. I still like chicken, turkey, fish and pork, but the savory love affair I had with red meat, a food item I thought I'd never get tired of, is no more.

So now I find myself trying to limit the waste and financial loss as best I can. I gave some away last summer, to friends and neighbors who like to grill. I also sold some to a close friend who agreed to pay me $0.50 on the dollar for a number of frozen packages (she likes to feed her German Shepherd only the best.) As for the rest, I'm not sure what to do. I may be moving soon, and the meat probably won't survive the relocation.

Anyone need some old but still very pink meat?

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