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Monday, February 04, 2008

My Personal Economic Stimulus

With tax season here and Bush's economic stimulus check on it's way (one day), I can see myself buying lots of great things I might not otherwise purchase without a lump sum of money at my disposal.

I think we all have such daydreams -

However, when I come back to reality, I realize that such splurging would be unwise. My husband and I are going to revitalize our savings, take care of some small remaining debts, and then get some necessities for the kids. And maybe a nice meal at a swanky restaurant.

That's it.

Consumer borrowing is up, up, up, and the outlook is so bleak that the Fed is helping banks hit by the mortage lending crisis by auctioning fresh cash so that short term borrowing isn't disproportionately funded by credit card debt. Apparently, many of us are carrying even more credit card debt because home refinancing is down. Strapped for cash, people are just charging it.

However, those of us with growing families, good jobs, and businesses (home businesses, too) should do well during refund season, helping to bring balance back to our personal finances. We are going to be as responsible as we can with ours. That's an economic stimulus that will continue to pay off in the future.

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Blogger Steve Brown said...

I plan doing some necessary spending if and when my check arrives. My breathing problems and allergies have increased over the years, and I need to buy a high quality ozone generator. I used to have an air cleaner when I was younger. It had a dust filter, an activated carbon filter and an ozone generator -- all in one unit. The machine worked GREAT for many years, until it finally died. Company that made it no longer exists, so I'm going with a simple yet powerful ozone machine this time, since the activated carbon is really only good for removing odors, and I already have a machine for dust.

Ozone is used by cleaning pros to sanitize the air and destroy the most powerful odors on earth, including that super powerful smell that exists after a house has experienced a major fire.

Not sure why the U.S. government hates ozone so much. I've read a number of government reports on the matter and I just don't buy all the negative aspects of ozone that the authorities are espousing. The stuff is nature's best sanitizer. I have asthma, and on days when ozone is high, my breathing actually improves. Go figure.

Sunday, February 17, 2008 3:16:00 AM  

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