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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Liberty Mutual Offers A Free Natural Disaster Guide

www.FedPrimeRate.com: Tornado
www.FedPrimeRate.com: Tornado
Well folks, the season of natural disasters is here. The experts at the National Weather Service are predicting between 13 and 16 named storms, 8 to 10 hurricanes, and 4 to 6 major hurricanes from the Atlantic Ocean this year. Will the Gulf of Mexico deliver another Katrina this year? Where will the next monster Atlantic hurricane hit the Eastern Seaboard? Florida? South Carolina? New York?

And it's the wildfire / tornado season to boot. Everyone from California to Boston should be preparing for the worst that mother nature has in store this summer.

Free Liberty Mutual Natural Disaster Guide

The folks at Liberty Mutual, America's #7 home insurer by size, are doing their part to help Americans prepare for the 2006 natural disaster season. All of Liberty Mutual's home and car insurance customers--in all fifty states--will be receiving one of 3 regional editions of a natural disaster guide in the mail. And even if you're not a Liberty Mutual customer, you can still get the tornado, wildfire or hurricane edition of the guide for free by visiting http://www.libertymutualinsurance.com.

More details can be found below in the snippet from a recent press release:

"The 2006 hurricane season begins in one week, and homeowners from Corpus Christi to Coral Gables to Cape Cod hopefully are heeding the advice of government officials, disaster relief organizations, and insurers by taking actions to protect their homes and families against potential disaster.

This week and next, a helpful natural disaster guide will arrive in the mailbox of every Liberty Mutual home and auto insurance customer as a special four-page insert to the company's Liberty Lines safety magazine. The nation's seventh-largest home insurer is sending more than 3 million guides in three regional editions -- hurricane, tornado, and wildfire/earthquake -- to its customers in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico, Guam, and other at-risk locales.

Anyone who is not a Liberty Mutual policyholder can obtain a free copy of the guide specific to his or her area online at http://www.libertymutualinsurance.com.

'Preparation is the best defense against a natural disaster,' said Ted Gramer, Liberty Mutual senior vice president, Personal Claims. 'You can't change the path of a hurricane, tornado or wildfire, but you can certainly take action to minimize the impact these catastrophes can have on your family and your home.'

Liberty Mutual also offers important preparedness tips for eight types of natural disasters and weather-related damage in the 'Claims' section at http://www.libertymutualinsurance.com.

Ready to Assist

Liberty Mutual claims professionals at centralized call centers throughout the country are available 24/7 at 1-800-2-CLAIMS for customers experiencing hurricane, tornado, or wildfire/earthquake damage this season.

Liberty Mutual disaster claims teams will again be in the heart of damaged regions to assist customers. For hurricanes, experts in the company's centralized catastrophe claims center monitor emerging storms to identify the areas most likely to be hardest hit. Prior to a storm, Liberty deploys adjusters and mobile claims units equipped with the most advanced global positioning, communications, and estimating technologies into those regions to ensure prompt and accurate claims service and payments to affected customers.

About Liberty Mutual

Boston-based Liberty Mutual Group (http://www.libertymutual.com) is a leading global insurer whose largest line of business is personal auto, based on 2005 net written premium. As of December 31, 2005, Liberty Mutual Group had $78.8 billion in consolidated assets and $21.2 billion in consolidated revenue. Liberty Mutual ranks 102nd on the Fortune 500 list of largest U.S. corporations based on 2005 revenue, and is the eighth-largest personal lines writer and fifth-largest commercial lines writer in the U.S. Liberty Mutual employs over 39,000 people in more than 900 offices worldwide.

Liberty Mutual sells full lines of coverage for automobile, homeowners, valuable possessions, personal liability, and individual life insurance through its own sales force in more than 400 local sales offices throughout the country, two direct response centers, Prudential agents and the internet. Liberty Mutual is an industry leader in group sponsored voluntary auto and homeowners insurance programs, offering personal lines insurance through payroll deduction and direct billing to employees and members of more than 9,000 companies, credit unions, professional associations and alumni groups."

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